BIG MOZZ Best party food ever- handmade mozz sticks and a vendy award winning menu.

COOLHAUS Unique, sweet-meets-savory flavors of ice cream and cookies. 917.933.8638

COOLHAUS Custom Ice Cream Sandwiches!! Natasha Case: (310)993-2724

DISO’S ITALIAN SANDWICH SOCIETY Proudly bringing gourmet Italian Sandwiches to NYC streets 917.756.4145


3- wheeled vintage Piaggio Ape from Italy that is designed to pour perfectly chilled bubbly or brews. 908.456.3145

THE VINTAGE ICE CREAM GUYS A fleet of three classic Good Humor Ice Cream tricks, each with its own vintage personality. Richard Blech 516.333.1400

KORILLA BBQ Food truck spin-off for build-it-yourself wraps, rice bowls & salads with Korean & Mexican flavors. 646.823.9423

Long Island Cuban Cigar & Bourbon Experience Carefully curated cigar and spirits featuring knowledgeable and friendly cigar tenders. Be sure to also check out the Ultimate Experience Airstream Trailer.844.542.4427

MELT SHOP Comfort food at its finest. Jennifer Wrenn-Meleck 917.744.3232

MILK TRUCK GRILLED CHEESE Made to order mac and cheese bowls and grilled cheese sandwiches with hand cut breads.646.233.3838

WAFFELS & DINGES The stuff that goes on top of your waffle, de dinges, give guests the opportunity to impress one another with outrageously sky-high combinations of fruit, whipped cream, with whimsical chocolate-covered smiles. 646.257.2592